what we support.
At ICMC, we believe in meaningful philanthropy that involves more than giving money. We focus on creating and sponsoring strategic programs in education and healthcare that empower our youth and our community to achieve greatness.

We create lasting relationships by participating alongside our fellow community volunteers and donors as a company and through the efforts of our stakeholders—who are enthusiastically involved in a variety of community initiatives.
our community engagements.
Cancer Support Virgin Islands (CSVI)
CSVI provides education, information and financial assistance to Virgin Islanders who are living with cancer.
Entrepreneur Business Institute (EBI)
EBI helps young students develop the mind-set they need to become future entrepreneurs and business leaders.
Jazz in the Park (JITP)
ICMC created this event to help revitalize the business community of Charlotte Amalie by bringing families together around music and culture.
Junior Achievement of the Virgin Islands (JA)
ICMC mentors help execute the JA program’s mission of inspiring and preparing young people to succeed in
a global economy.
Student Hall of Hope (SHOH)
Each year, ICMC invites all public elementary and middle schools on
St. Thomas to participate in an art exhibition and fun day.
In partnership with an online accredited high school program, ICMC awards scholarships to residents who have formally withdrawn from school so they may earn a high school diploma online.
who we sponsor.
American Cancer Society/Relay for Life
Friends of the VI National Park
The Family Resource Center
Humane Society of St. Thomas
My Brother's Workshop
Nana Baby Home
Paradise Jam
Pistarckle Theatre Youth Programs
United Jazz Foundation
United Way of St. Thomas
Virgin Islands Board of Education
St. Thomas Historic Trust
We From Upstreet
...and many more!
ICMC Community
Service Day.
More than 130 ICMC Stakeholders rolled up their sleeves to make a difference by participating in four different community service volunteer projects during the company’s first ever community service day.

The projects included beach clean-ups and mangrove seed planting at Brewers Bay, prepping Bourdeaux Fairgrounds for its annual agricultural event by constructing garden beds, varnishing and painting and helping the Humane Society socialize animals and spruce up different areas on their property.
“It is our hope that this day was as impactful and helpful to those whom our team served as it was for us as a team to experience. Projects like these are what ICMC is all about. Community service is truly at the heart of our company, and our approach to community engagement has and always will be very consistent, meaningful and thoughtful.”
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stakeholder engagement.
It was a day that began as any other, but that ended with a group of dedicated ICMC Program Office team members having made a meaningful difference in the Virgin Islands community that they call home earlier this month.

With scrapers, gloves and masks in hand, the group of Program Office team members got an early start to their day on the morning of August 24th, meeting at Cancryn Junior High School at the crack of dawn, as they prepared to partner with the “All Hands and Hearts” team members, who now call the Addelita Cancryn Junior High School site their home.

A driven group of over 30 stateside volunteers who have been a committed community partner for the USVI since the hurricanes, the All Hands and Hearts group continues to work to offer response for the benefit of both public and private entities on St. Thomas and St. John, such as public and private schools and daycares, as well as individual homeowners who need assistance with gutting and mucking their homes and facilities. Recovery assistance also involves reparations and maintenance as well as light construction, as they continue to work to offer support to the Virgin Island’s community following the past storms.

“I was moved by the volunteers that we served alongside and how much they’ve sacrificed to be here to serve our community,” said Program Office Director Scott Perrell. “They are living in a damaged classroom at Cancryn School, without air conditioning and very humble living arrangements, but brought energy and dedication.”

On this day, the ICMC and All Hands team was tasked to work with Bertha C. Boschulte Middle School, as they prepared to ready the site for their student’s return to school for the upcoming school year. The main task as hand was to prep and paint hand rail fixtures that had endured damaged due to the storms, which required meticulous execution, sprinkled with a little patience.

“It was good to work as team on one project. We are working towards more collaboration in the Program Office and this was a good opportunity to work together towards a common goal,” said Kevin Habib, Assistant Vice President of the Program Office. Bringing our team together to work on a project that benefitted the school and the community was what I enjoyed most about our department’s engagement.” He added: “We also got an opportunity to talk while worked. We learned things about each other that we did not know about before.”

With a full day of volunteering under their belts, the team was pleased to have accomplished much during their time and chalked it up to a day well spent. “There’s nothing like forming a bond through hard labor. Covered in sweat, rain, dirt and paint, each team member gave their all to make the school entrance more appealing,” said Project Manager Amy Leitch. “I left with a feeling of accomplishment and a renewed appreciation for the dedication that our Program Office team members have toward our community and each other.”