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International Capital & Management Company (ICMC) is a management services organization serving Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) and other clients in the United States.
Founded in 2003, ICMC provides an array of services including: accounting, program & project management, business analytics, clinical expertise, financial analysis & planning, graphic design, communications, learning & development and IT/quality assurance.
Our clients can avail themselves of any single service by communicating directly with its leader. But more often, our service lines collaborate seamlessly forming integrated teams to provide end-to-end business solutions that align to organizational goals.
The ICMC Accounting group offers accounting and financial reporting services using industry-leading best practices. They are dedicated to client satisfaction by providing timely and relevant financial information.
The Creative Solutions group provides comprehensive, audience-relevant communications and graphic design. With enterprise-wide brand strategies, this team enhances reputation, builds equity and ensures high levels of brand compliance.
The IT team provides a comprehensive suite of information technology, operational and application development services. This group develops quality solutions using leading edge technologies that align to long term business strategy.
Our certified Program/Project Managers (PMs) serve as points of contact when ICMC delivers enterprise-wide client engagements. They collaborate in close partnership with other service lines when forming integrated teams that provide end-to-end business solutions. Throughout the project lifecycle, the PMs lead: project scoping, solution architecture, execution and delivery.
Finance & Analytics provides specialized analytical expertise partnering with our clients on implementing long-term analytical programs and organizational capabilities with sustainable models and improved processes. Key areas of expertise include business development, scenario planning, financial and operational modeling, process improvement and advanced analytics.
project spotlight
ICMC Core Values: Client-Centered and High-Performing
This innovative motion graphics video enabled CTCA to communicate to patients its expanded capability to serve patients across their continuum of care. The business objective was to clearly explain the telehealth service, including patient benefits, how a telehealth visit works, and how easy it is to receive a physician visit.

The project included script development, an illustrated storyboard, voice-over and motion graphics. This body of work involved the entire team and a commitment to continued learning and development to achieve the high quality that Creative Solutions delivered. The final product was applauded for its highly sophisticated motion graphics.
stakeholder spotlight
Michael Gerrald joined ICMC’s InformationTechnology in June 2014, Strategic Advisory Office in 2015 and Quality Assurance in 2017. Throughout his tenure Michael has gained expansive experience in healthcare, consulting, and technology. Going forward his focus will continue to be in learning new skills to add value to the client and the organization.

“Michael genuinely seems to have a good grasp on everything and if he has any questions he always asks. Michael communicates well; he is also very proactive in providing test documentation.”